by Winfield.

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Don't care for her, Brother or me
All you were, Is gone you see.
Leeching life, From those around
It still seems, Like you are proud.

A life she gave, Gifted to you
Gave you love, A home too.
Sit stagnant, While she toils
And oh you rant, And spend her spoils

Abuse over nothing, Crush her heart
Make her feel worthless,Torn apart.
Know you suffered, Know it hurt
But your ignorant soul, Now feels like a curse

Accept you're illness, The cold depression
It's now you're weakness, Blind aggression
Your minds unclear, Frustrated too
You turn and hurt, The lovers around you

I saw what, You have become
And I don't want, To be the same
You worked for nothing, Got all you want
You had No right to, mistreat my mum

You can't accept it, That you're wrong
Just abuse us, For holding on
We're left here, Picking up pieces
Breaking our family, Why can't you listen

My brothers gone, Changed his last name
Because of you, He doesn't feel the same
Mum feels she, Should leave to
Pack up her bags, And leave you


released January 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Winfield. Ballarat, Australia

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